Company History

Design Doctors ( BD) is an internationally recognized and award-winning interior and exterior design firm with expertise in residential, commercial, hospitality, retail, healthcare and beauty projects. Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Design Doctors ( BD) was established in 1998 by Shafiul Islam, who has become a prominent expert in the industry. The Design Group combines extraordinary talent and global experiences to create spaces, nationally and worldwide, that can be as “cutting edge” or “timeless” as the exceptionalism of each of its Clients.

Vission & Mission

Our Design Group’s vision & mission is simple: develop interior and exterior design experiences that are distinctive, compelling and of superb quality and individuality. Design Doctors ( BD) is committed to achieving the highest level of design with a “turn-key” approach through their services offered. Our designers successfully participate in projects from the initial concepts, furniture and decorative item selections, decorative material selections, construction document production, budgeting, city submitting, project coordination — always with precision, professionalism, attention to detail, exceptional customer service and expert project management skills. For over two decades the firm is consistently recognized for its business acumen and its variety of innovative design solutions that impeccably blend functional and aesthetic needs.

Company Profile

Design Doctors Values

Empathy, Trust, Empowerment, Challenge, Team and Improve. These are our core values, they are part of the Design Doctors fiber. They are not just words to us, they are the way we do business and how we want people to do business with us.

Within the office

Design Doctors graduate programmer is where up and coming talents are given the opportunity to work flexible hours during their degree. This provides the undergraduate with experience in a real working environment but in return Design Doctors has access to skilled graduates when they complete their degree. Our mentoring programmer also ensures skill matched professionals are at hand to share their knowledge and impart guidance to the younger staff within the office.

Within the community

Design Doctors volunteers resources for a number of master planning exercises for community groups and schools. This Preliminary work is often vital for funding applications for these groups. Being blessed with the virtues and opportunities afforded to us by this country, we feel it is important to give back anyway we can.


Design Doctors are committed to environmental and social values and are active members of various sustainable councils. While there is a lot of buzz around the subject of sustainability, when well applied it not only makes good business sense but actually produces healthier environments for users. Design Doctors makes it part of their responsibility as architects and interior designers to instill environmentally sustainable design principles and policies to all projects we produce and play a role in. An open dialogue between the design team and client to discuss sustainability and recycling options, capital outlay and benefits (payback, environmental impact, etc) is the most productive way to consider sustainable strategies and what to adopt in order to get the best outcome for all concerned.